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UK Genealogists
29, The Sackville
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East Sussex
TN40 1LS
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01424 217674
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+44 1424 217674

UK based genealogical researchers dedicated to helping you separate the fact from the fiction about your family history wherever in the world your ancestors are from.
Many people grow up believing family stories, for example, that they are descended from royalty or that one of their ancestors fought alongside Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar. The finer details tend to get more exaggerated with each passing generation. 
Nevertheless, our research has shown that there is often a grain of truth to many of these tales. If not, then we can usually find an explanation as to why these stories originated in the first place.
Either way, you will discover once and for all the facts and not the fiction about your family's history.
It is human nature to wonder about your past. Think how interesting it would be to discover that your ancestor was knighted for 'services rendered' by Queen Elizabeth 1 or that another had walked the entire breadth of Australia in his search for work to feed himself and his family.
Far fetched? Not at all....both of these fascinating characters belong to our own families.
If you have ever wondered whether your ancestors were....
Clergymen or Criminals
Princes of Paupers
Doctors or Dunces
Lords or Lunatics
......then contact UK Genealogists now and let us separate the fact from the fiction.

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